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The team at We Are The Movers makes sure that our clients don’t have to spend their valuable time in packing and unpacking their items as we know that there are a number of other productive things for them to do. If you talk about relocations, you’re surrounded with the panic of packing the items and then unpacking them, and this seems to end all your thrill of moving. This is the reason why we offer a customized package of moving services for our clients. Our expert team will take care of everything, be it your budget, amount of items or the last date of delivery.

You’re the one who has to decide what we need to pack for you and what you’re going to pack yourself, just be sure that we are always extra careful with your delicate belongings. We offer special wrapping material for your electronic items, furniture and valuables and with the help of these your items will be delivered to your destination, free from dirt, scratches and damage. The packaging material will be brought to your place by the team and the packing will be planned as per your schedule. In case you don’t have one whole day free for the packing, you can arrange for the needed time for two to three subsequent days and we’ll be there for you!

How Does Our Moving Service of Unpacking And Packing Work?

To optimize unpacking, our team will ask you about the items that you need in a particular room and the boxes will be moved directly to that room after being unloaded from the moving truck. You can then settle the items as per your wish and in that course of time the unloading will be continued, so as to save every minute of yours. Our team will remove all the empty boxes from your rooms, so that you don’t have the hassle of disposing of them later.

After we unpack your boxes, you can go through your belongings to make sure that they’re safe and not damaged.

In case you need help with organizing the items, you can ask your team coordinator for help and we’ll provided all the assistance you require.

Our specialized packing and unpacking service is directed at ending all the stress of moving, so that you can happily relocate and enjoy your new home!

How We Pack

We treat your possessions as if they were our own. All of your furniture will be wrapped in professional grade moving pads. Edges of your furniture will be protected with boxing (from our experience, we know that corners and edges are the first place to be damaged or scratch). Heavy furniture or big peaces like sofas, mattresses and dressers will be stretch wrapped for two reasons:

  1. To keep the padding in place all the way to your destination.
  2. To insure that these items stay dry and clean.

If you’re unable to complete all packing by moving day, don’t worry – we will help!

Tips on Do-It-Yourself Packing

When you pack plates, glasses or other fragile items; it is very important to make sure that every item is individually wrapped in paper. Also, the bottom of the box needs to be cushioned with paper or bubble wrap.

We recommended that you pack fragile items in special dish pack boxes (often called “china boxes”) as glass and pottery items are heavy and these boxes are thicker and more durable than the regular 3.5 or 4.5 cubic feet moving boxes. Filling the normal packing boxes with glassware will greatly increase the chance of breakage.

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